Jul 29, 2011

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I Could Do This ALL DAY!

Today’s one of those days where I could sit around rubbing my fingers in my sticky bush and smelling them ALL DAY. I love my hot, unwashed, summer-heated pussy smell!

I’ve got WAY too much to do, though, to devote much time to lazy cunt-rubbing & sniffing today. For one thing I really need to get some exercise so I’m going to take a long, brisk walk in the woods. We’re also in the process of moving, so after that I’m going to get even MORE sweaty packing boxes, cleaning, etc.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I need to take a break to masturbate, too, and smell my hot hand some more.

Only after all of that will I take a shower . . . but my cunt is going to smell SO HOT until then!!

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  1. would Love to have yer 2 day long panties . . .

  2. I would Love it if you Shared your Pussy Scented Fingers with me All Day & Every Day. I wouldn’t really call it a Hobby but at the same time it could turn into a Hobby. A Very Interesting & possibly Addictive One! It’s Bizarre & Unusual we don’t see this happening in Romance or Porn Movies. I Wonder Why? It could Help relationships – More Intimacy & Closeness. In a nutshell,It could Change The World for the Better!

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