Jul 29, 2011

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I Could Do This ALL DAY!

Today’s one of those days where I could sit around rubbing my fingers in my sticky bush and smelling them ALL DAY. I love my hot, unwashed, summer-heated pussy smell!

I’ve got WAY too much to do, though, to devote much time to lazy cunt-rubbing & sniffing today. For one thing I really need to get some exercise so I’m going to take a long, brisk walk in the woods. We’re also in the process of moving, so after that I’m going to get even MORE sweaty packing boxes, cleaning, etc.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I need to take a break to masturbate, too, and smell my hot hand some more.

Only after all of that will I take a shower . . . but my cunt is going to smell SO HOT until then!!

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Mar 4, 2006

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The Color PINK!

The Color PINK!

I started thinking about the color pink today while I was masturbating during my camshow.

While my hitachi magic wand buzzed high on the shaft of my clit, I used the fingers on my left hand to tease the rest of my pussy and ass. I tickled my asshole. I tugged gently on my tampon string then let go, feeling it subtly vibrate inside. And I used my tiny fingertips to tenderly stroke the head of my clit, it’s hood, and my lips around my peehole.

I closed my eyes while I alternately pressed my button, rubbed it back and forth, and rotated it under my finger. I felt the twin folds of my little inner labia right below their critical arch. Because of my tampon, nothing was damp — my skin was soft and dry . . . almost rubbery but not tough enough to be like rubber. More like fresh pink-eraser rubber crossed with raw pie-dough.

As I touched myself it was as though I could FEEL the color pink through my fingertips. Like the pads of my fingers translated what they sensed beneath them as “pink”. Rosy fleshy pink. Exquisitely sensitive pink. Forbiddenly private pink. I felt pink through my fingertips and came.

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